Auralex acoustic form.

Hi all.
Anyone have experience with this product and how do they perform in room please ?
They are great but expensive. I think it's some of the best stuff out there for what it does; however, I think you could save a bunch of money and get the same stuff from eBay (type in "acoustic foam") for a fraction of the cost.

I have 1" foam (Auralex) and use it to tame a bright room at certain reflection points. If I had to do it all over again I would get 2-3" foam from eBay to absorb lower frequencies and save the money.

Etran, I do use a bit of Auralex 2" studiofoam, the basic grey 2' x 4' "ruffled" sheets. It does what foam does--absorbs high frequencies. Please note that foam is NOT effective in controlling low frequencies; it does damp uppermidrange and high frrequencies. In other words, if glare, hf harshness and various high level echoes causing an overly-live sound are your problem, then abosrption might be for you.

Also please note that in my experience, Auralex LENRDs do not work as advertised. As noted above, I do not find Auralex products effective for low frequency absorption. For this you will want proper bass traps; the size and style depend on your particular needs.
I've had great results with Auralex inclucding the LENRDS. You can see how I used them by looking at the pictures of my system.
Etran - Check my system and the Auralex. Depending on your speaker type and the problems you have you can find interesting ways to use it. Use push pins from Staples and you can reposition endlessly to find what works best for you.
Expensive? Huh? A 2 x 4 sheet of 2 inch is $20 at Guitar Center. Sam Ash has it too if you have one of those nearby.
My experience is that the LERNDS bass traps work quite well. Again, try a number of different positions to see what works best for you - Live wall-dead wall, ceilings, 1st reflection points - it's all good. Plus don't forget to alternate the types you use for an interesting visual effect.
Other sources - (Suggested by Nsgarch a while ago).
Wow - I guess you're into diffusors eh Sgr?
Have fun.
I have Silverline Audio SR-12/Carver super Jr and want to tame the relection sounds from the side walls and tighten up the bass. I have window with heavy curtain behind the speakers and 6 6'x6" mirror strips on the back wall behind listener. Is it better to remove the mirror strips and put some acoustic foams on ? Thank you all for the great help and info.
BTW I find the prices for Auralex (and good service) to be good at Full Compass

$20 is high for the 2" foam IME.
Has any tried the 2'x2' Sonoflat?