aural thrills audio black axiom

has anyone listened to the aural thrills black axiom interconnects? if so what did you compare them to?
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Hi, I have two versions of Black Axiom, one meter xlr and one meter silver rca terminated. I have various other ic's. Of these, the best are Virtual Dynamics (Audience) and (David) series I would be lying if I said I could tell you the difference between them at least in my system, they are terrific. However the Black Axiom are the bargain of the century, the xlr has more gain than any of my rca cables, and both the xlr and rca come so close if not equal to my VD cables. I think you would have to consider spending $400. and up to best these. Also these cables won't pose any problems when you go to install them, unlike my reference cables which I can only say is akin to python wrestling.