Aural Thrills 300B mono amps...

I'm wondering if anyone has heard these amps. What speakers did you hear them with and what you thought of them? How do they compare to other SET's you may have heard?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
Just bumping this one forward. I have been looking at this amp as well. Interesting is a) designed by Gary Dodd b) this is a unique 300b design complete with tube rectification and seperate power supply c) comments about using ac vs dc d) price is more like an asian tube amp vs american made. I like the simplicity but not much track record for Aural Thrills beyond cables.
I have been using a Aural Thrills 300B mono amp since September of 08. Mine has the SS power supply. I use it to drive a pair of Klipsch Cornwall (100db efficient) speakers. The amp has no problem at all driving these speakers. The sound is as Tom Kenny describes it...choclate sundae rich with a huge sound stage.

I have compared this amp to a Cary 300 SE monoblock and I like the sound of the Aural Thrills 300B much better. The sound just sounds so much more real with the Aural Thrills 300B amplifier.
Ladavid and Jek,

Ladavid, your bullet points mirrored exactly what I was thinking and therefore the reason for my looking for some opinions.

Thank you Jek for sharing your experiences. The other thing that caught my eye was that they were claiming that they would drive speakers with 87dB sensitivity to very acceptable levels. Well I email Gary Dodd about his thoughts about using this amp with my 91dB Dunlavy SCIV's and he didn't think it would be the best match. I'm using single ended 845 Triodes with great results but this 300B I'd be pushing my luck so to speak.

I think it may be a neat amp for some other speakers though.

Thanks again for your comments and happy listening.