Aural Thrill phono stage

Does anyone have any experience with the phono stages offered by this company?

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Took possession of their entree level Serenade phono stage 4 months ago to use in my headphone setup which I just added a turntable to, have had it in that system for well over 100 hours and really like it. About a month ago I installed it in my main system replacing an Allnic H1500se II and it presented itself very well and this is in a system that shows any weaknesses that a piece of gear might have and replaced a phono stage that to my ears beat out both of the Manley phono stages and the Herron as well as other phono stages that were tried. I am not saying that it was any of their equals except maybe the Chinook but it certainly is a heck of a lot of phono stage for $900.00. This phono also responds well to tube rolling the 4 12AX7 tubes and have settled on a quad of Psvane Premium grade. I would not hesitate to recommend this phono and at it's price point is a steal. Enjoy the music.