Aural dictionary

Has anyone ever recorded an aural dictionary of various acoustic phenomena? Something that would play a brief passage that is "correct"-preferably referenced to live music-and then intentionally add errors with descriptors. For example, this is what mid-bass bloating sounds like, or beaming, or wooliness, or warmth, or etched, or darkness, or this is phase error-all those modifiers that are tossed around to describe sound, and those are just some of the negative ones. Let's try describing PRAT. I understand the complexity of trying to factor the errors that are present in a system before intentionally worsening them. I know what they mean and sound like to me but have no confidence that anyone else would agree with my audio lexicon. Won't even touch the can of worms when someone prefers bloated mid-bass, beaming, and the rest. I've tried to get a handful of audio sales people to specifically point out sound they are using words to describe, without much success. Kind of distilled down to, "You know it when you hear it if you're an experienced listener, trust me." One exception, many years ago, was a guy named Bruce Jacobs of Salon 1 Audio in central Wisconsin. He would not only point out specific issues, or use an equalizer to create differences, but had a whole routine he did mimicking common errors that was part physical comedy and part vocal hijinks. Hilarious and informative. Just curious.
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