Aural assault?

Have you noticed how much "music" is pumped into public areas now days? It has permiated almost every retail outlet, Doctor and Dentist office. Possibly your office at work, restaurants, even some gas stations. It used to be confined to elevators but it has spilled out and now lives like a parasite in our aural consciousness.

It usually comes shooting down from some round metal grill. It is not good, they play horrible, awfull stuff, Sometimes at volume levels that make me cringe. Many Grocery stores play it through the intercom, not ment for music and many times the speakers are faulty or dammaged.
I was in a restaurant ( a good restaurant ),yesterday that had one of them almost directly above our heads and it sounded like the woofer surround had deteriorated, i was like listening to sand paper across a chalk board. No one seemed to notice. I know if I were working there I would turn the music off immediatly. Many times at restaurants I have asked them to turn the music down. By the way if you owned, say a Chinese restaurant, would you play country western music?
Ironically the place that bothers me the most is Wherehouse Records. They all seem to have these cheap wall mounted speakers that screem hot electrical current directly into my eardrum , distortion, with not a hint of bass. I would think.."want to sell music? Make it sound good"!
Since getting more involved in audio I have become acutely more aware of the noise. Do I have to resort to this??

complementary service to each customer
sometimes silence is the best music
I love going to one of my used CD stores - they are always playing good tunes that sound pretty damn good through whatever system they are using. I hate all the TVs everywhere.
Quality isn't an issue except to peope like us generally. Just look how MP3 has taken off.

Perceived quality, now that's a market. Bose is doing well. Apple is good at it too.
Maineiac, there is a used CD store not far from here that does play some good music through vintage Bose speakers, big things. I was suprised at how good they sounded.
The worse case I've encountered recently is music in the parking lot of a grocery store in an upscale part of town. This is super annoying. Open your car door to be assaulted by Hotel California. What makes the store's decision makers think this noise is preferrable to silence or even the normal sounds of the parking lot. This really bothered me and I'm a true type B personality.
My personal favorite- 'friendly jazz.'
I live in Vancouver B.C., Canada, and there's a newer local 'jazz' station that EVERY PUBLIC OFFICE seems to be tuned in to. God awful stuff. (O.K. -I've exagerated -one acceptable song in twenty.)
Obviously cheap rip-offs of porno music. The type only found stashed in your proverbial Uncle Larry's basement. Look closely- it's the tapes in the musky, damp cardboard box, slowly decaying in the corner, 'classics' from the seventies.
I often come across this offense in what must be maintained as most unoffensive of public places - the dentist, knee doctor, my kids school office. Slowly, I think to myself..."Hmnnn, I wonder were the fur slipper cladden, generously older lady is? Is she steaming her dragon embossed red silk robe, or mixing a martini? I soon realize that she surely can not be mixing herself a martini, she's greedily clinging on to her stiletto tiped cigarette..."
Oh well- I hear in Asia they use scents, as well.
the gas stations is where i hate it the most,music comming out of a 1/4" tweeter thats attached to the pump handle,i always wish i had somthing to stab the speaker with & kill its assault on me with all tweeter brittany spears nonsense.

Lucky for me my job does not allow any personal music at all to be broadcast into the public/staff areas. Earphones only, and no leakage allowed!
Wonderful silence!
Worst place is Best Buy. Really LOUD, with REALLY LOUD THUMPING from the car stereo area in addition to the regular LOUD music noise from the boombox area, plus the overhead storewide musak. Then on top of that, blairing personal messages: "Carter.. call on 3772.. "
I wear earplugs whenever I go in to Best Buy.
And I have friends who will NOT go there, ever, just because of the hellacious racket going on in the Best Buy stores.