Aura Note - why such low resale?

In my search for integrateds with onboard DAC, I came across the Aura Note. It gets superb reviews. But, I notice that used ones in great condition are going for cheap - under $1000 for a component that is $2400 brand new. That is far greater depreciation than I have seen from other components. Can anybody comment on why that is? It also appears that the warranty is only 60 days - maybe that is an issue.
Since no one on Audiogon ever keeps anything as long as 60 days I can't see how this would be a problem. LOL. A very steep depreciation curve is never a good thing but there are so many factors in determining resale that it is is not always a sign of a bad product. But it could be so proceed with caution. I can think of several components that have gotten some great reviews that I think are very overrated. But remember that we audiophiles are a fickle lot often exhibiting the behavior of lemmings and that things go in and out of fashion very quickly.
I think that it is manufactured by April Audio.They make nice stuff,but the name recognition isn't the same as Krell,Levinson,CJ,Cary...etc.

Also,all-in-one units(think TV with built-in VCR)never hold their value on par with similar seperate components.I have actually auditioned the Aura Note in my office system.It sounded very nice,but ultimately I purchased a tube integrated amp and a dedicated CD player.
I believe that a new Aura Note is coming very soon.It will be virtually identical with more connectivity options(additional USB connectors and another aux. input).This may be a reason that the older units are selling cheap.If you don't need more inputs the older units could be a terrific buy.
Never heard of them. There's a good reason. And since I've never heard of them, my next question would be; "I wonder if they'll be around next year?" Then, they might be made in China, in which case I wouldn't pay a dime for their product. So, there you have it.