aunt corey buffer preamp

Well I finishes one of my winter projects. Got the buffer board with original buffers from ebay .you can get the board or get the blank board from the guy .One alps pot and power supply, and some tara labs wire later its working .sounds really nice. I remember the article in stereo review when it came out, and always wanted to try it. It needs to play for a while to burn in but it sounds pretty good, and I have owned a lot of preamps.
Interesting. I built one shortly after the article came out (the mag was Stereophile) and I thought it sounded too "transistory" even after a long burn in time. It didn't sound bad but didn't warrant the over-the-top excitement in Corey's writeup IMO.
This BUF03 is class A unity gain zero feedback buffer and is a real sleeper, pity it's not being made anymore, NOS is all that's availible, and it runs very hot, big heatsinking is a must.

I use this buffer for the output stage of a heavily modded i/v stage R2R Multibit cdp. And it blows away any (feedback based)opamp there is, very dynamic, powerfull tight bass, rich mids full of body, and sweet extended highs. And can be dc coupled.

It will drive just about anything, 2ohm output impedance with bags of current even drives 300ohm HD650's better than any headphone amp I've listened to.

Cheers George