auidio alchemy cd players

im thinking of using a audio alchemy cd player for my 2nd player,i dont care for multi disc players & the prices for the alchemy players seem pretty good,i heard a alchemy player at the hifi shop & it seemed to sound ok,i want somthing that will atleast sound like its in the same ball park with a mcintosh mvp831 & cary tube dac combo but dont want to spend the big dollars,how do they perform & what others have you did the a b test with,thanks.
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Just be aware that if you experience any problems with the unit, you may have a very hard time getting it repaired. The company is kaput and parts and service documents are hard to come by if at all.

Buyer beware.
wow,i didnt know that,cancel that thought.
Not only is the company long gone, the stuff wasn't very reliable in the first place.
I believe that Dusty Vader (who used to be the main service person with AA) is able to help with reapair issues. His comapny is called Channel Islands Audio.

Does anyone have any opinions/thoughts on the Audio Alchemy ACD II CDP/Transport?
I found one that is in very good physical condition and works well. The CD tray looked nice and operated with no issues. The price isn't bad either. I was thinking about using it in a secondary system.
I can't find much info on it in the archives or when I search the internet. Is there anything in particular I should be on the lookout for w/ the ACD 2? Any comments/feedback are appreciated. Thanks in advance.