Augusta, GA

Are there any audiophiles in Augusta, GA?

There hasn't been a high-end dealer here for several years, but there's a pretty darn good used vinyl shop.

I'd like to hear from any serious audio enthusiasts in this area for possible conversations sharing knowledge and experiences in high-end audio.

My system includes Audio Research, VPI, Clearaudio, Lamm and Nola gear. Not stuff in the upper price ranges of those companies, but a really great sounding system.

My main focus these days is vinyl. I recently acquired an V8 record cleaner, and I'm really enjoying the improvement in the sound of my records.

Want to compare notes, gear, music interests?

Steve Gray
There are a few folks in Augusta.  I try to meet folks when I can.  I'd be happy to speak with you.
I live in harlem, i"m just a guy that loves the vintage two channel stuff.
I have some macs ss, ken woods, Altec's,  Klipschs, and odds and ends.
I like the altec sound with the horns.

Happy to discuss any music/audio subjects to the best of my ability.

If anyone is interested.