Audyssey SE - Questions

Anyone know if higher-end gear (by which I mean Cary, Krell, Bryston, etc) will be getting Audyssey included anytime soon? So far the only separates that include it are a NAD and an Integra pre/pro. And with those, as I understand it, what's included is less powerful than the stand-alone version. Maybe that's why the more expensive brands don't have it?

Also, anyone have experience comparing its effect with dipoles/planars vs conventional speaker designs? I haven't decided on speakers yet for my (hopefully upcoming) home theater setup.

Thanks for any input,

Lou Ford
See Wisdom Audio. Their processor has a good version.

Previous experience w/ Audyssy revealed a tendancy to give false polarity readings if one or more speakers are near a room boundary. Again, no free lunch.
As long as you know that, why is it a problem?