Audyssey powered components

I'm kicking around the idea of replacing my (ARC LS 25) preamp with a pre-pro so that I can use full range Audyssey room correction (gasp!). Two channels, with subs, audio only. Balanced out would be necessary and any advanced decoding/video capabilities would be welcome but not a particular priority.

I've thought about the stand alone Audyssey box, but prefer the convenience of a single component.

For such an application, anyone have suggestion for:

1) Best choice when cost is not relevant
2) Best choice for +/- $2500

Thanks in advance

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Marty - My setup for music is close to what you describe. I use a Meridian G68, and I have been very happy with it. To me, two of the most important considerations for choosing a processor would be:

1. How does the crossover sound (assuming you are going to use it)?

2. How does the room correction sound (not the specific settings, but the use of the processing at all)?

I have experienced significant variation in the sound quality of both crossovers and room correction, to the point where it is easy for me to see why some people won't go near either of them. Some crossovers and some room correction implementations kill the music.

Having said that, if done well, I have found that this can be a very satisfying approach to listening to 2 channel music.

Good luck.

The Audyssey box is available at $2500 rca or $5000 xlr - although there are spec differences between the two that extend beyond connectivity.

The Audyssey set-up kit is (technically) available only to installers (although my dealer was willing to sell me one for $450 IIRC). I guess the idea is to insure Audyssey dealers an ongoing income stream with recalibration "house calls".

Also thanks for the advice on components.

Bryon, I'll check the Meridian out thanks for the input.

Marty, what speakers and other components in the system?

NHT X-2 x-over....high pass to ARC VT130SE to Ohm 100
....low pass to Velodyne SMS-1 2 Rythmik 12" subs

There's also a fancy (but now little used) 2 'table analog front end from Aesthetix, Graham, Lyra, Oracle, and Acoustic Solid. There's also a Cary 303 CD player that's never used and occassional visits from Merlin VSM-SE, Verity Parsifal Encore and Maggie MMG. I also have half a dozen amps (Cary 805, Cary 300B, Prima Luna 7 monos, TAD Hibachi monos etc.) that never get used. These are all holdovers from a more active hobbyist past and, eventually, all of this stuff will get sold/traded since it's so rarely used.

These days, I'm looking to simplify.

With the right pre-pro, the LS25, X-2, SMS-1, and DC-1 could all be replaced by one box.

Since you have an SMS-1, assuming you are happy with the results, you have an interesting option: Get a Classe SSP and transfer the EQ settings from the SMS-1. In addition, you can use the measurement/display functions of the SMS-1 to program the EQ filters in the SSP, if you change your setup.

Hi Marty,
I have the Marantz AV8003 . I have used the Audessy Multi EQ. It gave me pretty good results and did allow further tweaking after that. I have not used it with the two channel set-up feature, but it did a great job in 5 channel. The piece is about 2600 retail but I think it could be had for around 2k from an authorized dealer.
The problem with the 8003, which is a competent design, is that it (1) uses MultEQ, not MultEQ XT and (2) cannot use Audyssey with any of the HD codecs. The imminent release of the AV7005 at about $1500 msrp will correct both.

Hi Kal,
Would the UD 8004 decode the HDcodecs ? If so then would it already be done??? I hope so I was looking to get the UD8004 soon
Yes. Afaik, the AV8003 will not do 24/96 PCM with Audyssey so one's feelings will depend on what one listens to. For movies, I suspect that most HD is no more than 24/48 but, since it is lossless, it should sound great. For music, one would not be able to make use of Audyssey with 24/96 and 24/192 tracks. Of course, it is still plain MultEQ.

thanx all

Kal, is Classe's correction system proprietary? If so, any comparison to Audyssey would be welcome. I like the idea of transferring curves, but not sure how you keep bass curve & x- over settings while going to full range correction

What do you mean "proprietary?" It is a 5 band per channel PEQ. I prefer to use most of that for the bass.


Proprietary really meant "not Audyssey" in this context. I gather that it's a straight 5 band PEq and, from your earlier comments, that I'd use the readout from the SMS to optimize the settings on that Peq.

It's an interesting idea. I take it that you're favorably impressed by the balance of the Classe's performance, vis a vis the competition at that price point? Anything in paarticular you'd point out to me re: the Classe that caught your attention and made it the model you mentioned first?