Audyssey MultiEQ - what a difference

I was fortunate enough to pick up a used audyssey multiEQ and the Pro installation kit last week. I know I could buy an Onkyo/Integra or Denon Processor, but in truth I am waiting for the reviews of the new Outlaw..and I kind of like my Lexicon processor. I've been running with Behringer and Yamaha EQ's balancing the room using Room EQ Wizard. I have NHT 2.9's and an AC-2 in front and L5's for a james EMB-1200. The sound was great.

Enter the Audyssey MultiEQ. Before it even started measurements, it told me that three speakers were out of phase (oh, the embarrassment). After fixing that, I used the audyssey software, took measurements and set up my Lexicon Processor as directed by the audyssey software (levels and distance/delay). I had been running all my surrounds and center as small speakers. everything on large (those NHT's are really good). Audyssey recommended levels were also quite different from what I measured on my trusty RS meter

The results....outstanding...what a difference. I should have bought one years ago!
Great. I have a similar impression of the SEQ.

However, let me recommend considering setting the nht's to small so that you can put the low bass into the channel (#4) that has the highest resolution filters. Also, with the current v3 or v3.1 software, you can preview the lf responses with different crossover settings and, perhaps, find that what the auto measurements suggest may not be optimum.