Audyssey MultiEQ

Last night I was helping a friend setup his new subwoofer and integrate it into his system. His room will be in a state of flux for a while so we just did a quick setup, but I noticed that the MultiEQ on his Integra 40.2 started by having me adjust the subwoofer volume to 75 dB. My Integra 50.1 also has MultiEQ, but has never asked me to do this.

My reciever is from the previous generation of Integra receivers and I understand that it's possible for Audyssey to upgrade their products, but is there any chance that I can update my system to get this newer technology?

Has anyone else noticed this or been able to upgrade?
Unlikely. There are two factors. First, whether the particular processor has enough DSP capability to handle the newer firmware. Second, whether the manufacturer is interested in providing extended firmware enhancements for older products.

As I said, unlikely.

Kal's right. Sad but true... I am in the same shoe but can't hold my breath for Onkyo/Integra to do what's right for their customers.
My reciever is only one model year out of date, so maybe I'll see if there are any firmware updates for it.

I really don't think it would make a significant difference overall with the final result as I have always adjusted the subwoofer volume to a point that Audyssey can handle it. What I've found is that if the subwoofer volume is up too loud the Audyssey cannot lower the volume enough and it ends up with a bass hump. Since we're using identical subwoofers I was able to confirm that I have mine set at approximately the same level already.
I never done this before. But this is on the net if it is of any use. []
I have seen that page before, but really hadn't considered doing it. I might have to give it a try.