Audyn-Cap MKP-QS 400V for EAR 834P ???

Would Audyn-Caps be a good choice for C8 and C9 in the
EAR-phonopre ? Does anyone have experience with these
caps ?

Cheers, Raphael
Check out this amazing review of caps.
That's a great list...
The author of that test is very detailed, having decided by listening over long periods of time and with a variety of caps. He also commented that results vary, depending on equipment design and placement in the circuity. He even commented that the brand of tweeters effected the outcome.

That's a super honest appraisal, too bad most audio reviewers aren't as thorough.
Dear Raphael: The caps on the list were tested on speaker crossover that is a little different that in your electronics, especially in the phono stage.

Btw, I used to: Sonicaps, Hovland, Mundorf, V-caps, Audiocaps, Solen, MIT, Wima,Rel caps, Wonder, etc.

Now, for electronics I find that the most neutral one is the: V-caps TFTF type, a little expensive but nothing come close, other very good alternative in the V-caps line are : V-Cap OIMP series .

Regards and enjoy the music.