Audivarna Plus

I just downloaded the 15 day free trial and it sounds fantastic. I have been struggling with my digital for many months. Tried many servers with both my Mac Mini and PC. I think this is the one (for me). I would highly recommend anyone into computer audio to give it a try!! No affiliation or financial interests whatsoever.
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I use Audirvana Plus on my MacBook in my office system and really like it. For some reason, though, I can't get it to play on my Mac Mini in my home system. I'm running Pure Music at home. Both of them are good. I think Audirvana is a little smoother in terms of its functioning (as long as you can get it to work!)
I Have tried free trials of Pure music ,Amarra,at least 3 times.I could not bring myself to purchase either.Then I tried Audirvana and thought it sounded great ,and the price convinced me.I might have pulled the trigger with Pure music or Amarra if the price were lower.But im pretty happy with my choice.I think the sound quality is just as good IMHO
You should also try the latest beta release ( at this moment) which added a new feature call Direct Mode. The sound quality is truly amazing and far better than the stable release.

You can download the beta here:
I agree 100%. Audirvana's SQ is outstanding.
Memory play, Hog mode and control over iTunes do make a difference.
Also, it is fairly simple to set up and operate. The settings suggested in the installation manual are a great starting point.
Quick question:

I just downloaded the beta version of Audirvana, (was using subscribed version before) Audirvana sees Itunes but does not play for more than 1 second then stops. Ideas? Settings?

Two questions: will this work with a Musical Fidelity V-link into a Peachtree Nova DAC? And also, is this worth using if I primarily play V0 mp3s and occasionally flac?
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