Auditorium A23 Record Mat?

I am trying to track one of these down for my Well Tempered Amadeus table. Does anyone know of any US dealers? These things are harder to find than Jimmy Hoffa.

Thanks for any hot tips. Or maybe you'd like to sell me yours?
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I ordered mine from In Living Stereo. There's also a Homage mat for sale here, which are more expensive.

Thanks for the tip, Fjn04. I couldn't find the Hommage mat in the classifieds. Perhaps it has already sold?

Any thoughts on the Hommage mat versus the original A23? Anyone?

There is one on the Canuck Audio site as well as others under a search so i do not know why you are having trouble?

I see that you sold one for $75.00 i believe but now they are $95.00.

As for the step up to Amedaus: not sonically worth the step!

Good luck!
my apologies...I meant going up to the Homage...
I thought it improved my Amadeus. And does not have the static issue of the original mat, which was huge for me .

Thanks, all. I found a source and have one on the way. I appreciate your suggestions.
I assume you bought the standard mat, and not the Homage version. Did you ask about the Homage?

I did. Two and a half times the cost for minimal, if any, sonic advantage. That seems to be the consensus, from what I've read. Of course, as always, YMMV.
I have been thinking of getting the thinner one for my Rega P5 to replace the felt mat. I have tried Herbies and was not happy with the results. Any ideas on how it would work with the Rega?
I have a Rega P25 and own both A23 mats. I like both and highly recommend them, no static or VTA issues...