Auditorium 23 phono cable for tonearm base to preamplifier connection ?

Is anyone using Auditorium 23 phono cable for their tonearm and if so do you find it as open, and musically rich in this part of the system as for A23 inter-connect ? I am looking for cable with a 5 pin female plug to connect with the tonearm base and RCA phono plugs opposite. I use Auditorium 23 IC and speaker cable in a system that sounds very good with copper, but tips toward lean and unsatisfying with silver. If there are no users of A23 phono tonearm cable, which made up pure copper (no silver) phono cable do you enjoy that will relay spatial magic, air and weight from LP grooves?
.... I should add I previously used a Triplanar tonearm with straight through Cardas copper wire. My new (pre-owned) tonearm has silver wire internally. The cartridge is a Decca SC4E moving iron with output around 5mv into a valve (tube) phono stage. I am currently using a copper Zavfino "Majestic" tonearm cable, yet today, I compared a version of this cable equipped with RCA phono plugs at both ends, with Auditorium 23 IC, and the latter was more invitingly open, rich, and airy.
Since no one has responded I'll just say that I find the A23 to be a totally fantastic interconnect and as you've obviously already heard, and liked, the A23 you should just go for it.
I have the Auditorium23 running from my Dynavector 507mk2 with Zyx Universe running to my Zyx Artisan, having replaced the Dynavector cable as well as a Nordost Frey and can heap nothing but praise: open, dynamic and musical
thank you jond and anti grunge 2.  For systems that "like" copper, it is hard to imagine there is anything more open and musical than A23 cable. Very good to read your notes. Anti grunge, do you know what is the cable inside the Dynavector arm, copper or silver ? I should ask A23 for their suggestion for internal tonearm wire. Of course, but for the weight of the A23 IC, it would be good to have it installed uninterrupted all the way from cartridge tags to phono cables.