Auditorium 23 and Denon DL-103R?

Has anybody used this combination? I am talking about the SUT that was designed for the Denon DL-103. As these are 2 different cartridges, I want to know if l should buy the Denon DL-103R for my Auditorium 23, since this cartridge has had better reviews than the older DL-103.
No- Stick with the Denon 103, Tsd-15, or other cartridges with similar internal impedance. Another one I noticed is the Hana Lo output cartridge. I can't tell you it will work, but the specs indicate it should. 
I have used those two together and it sounds quite good. May not be optimal compared to the Denon 103 since the A23 is apparently designed to work with the higher impedance of the 103 - I believe it's 40 ohms on the 103 vs 14 on the 103r.  I've also tried carts of even lower impedance (Zyx). In that case the tonal qualities were great but the images were weird - like an overinflated balloon.  I did not hear that problem with the 103r.