Auditioning Elipsa SE tomorrow, getting my ducks in a row, am I missing anything

Gonna head out before the chickens wake and drive 350 miles to hear a pair of Elipsa SE in the morning. Will have to get it right as a second listen is gonna be tough

I've sent pictures and descriptions of the listening area and speaker placement. He's gonna try to duplicate that setup before I arrive. Speakers 11 feet apart, listening position about 12' feet from the wall and speakers set a foot or 2 off the wall. 

I don't do vinyl anymore so will be streaming and CD only. I don't have any hi res media but plan to take female vocal (Ricky Lee), male vocal ( Leonard Cohen), an instrumental, and Rodrigo y Gabriela for full, fast and hard. Will hopefully listen to some high res of whatever he has on hand when I get there.

I'm looking for a wide and amazing soundstage.  I'll figure out amps, etc that work with whatever speaker I end up with.He's gonna setup the demo with ARC VSi-75 and Lumin A1. I've heard the integrated with a pair of Trio Ct's and it was nice but didn't take my breath away. Not sure if the ARC will show them best or if I could expect more out of the Elipsa with something else.

Moving forward sources will mostly be streamed though a PS-Audio Direct Stream so have lots of hopes for improvements.

While I'm in the city going to swing through some dealers and listen to Focal, Wilson, other Sonus Faber, and whatever else I can get my ears on.  

Any advice on what I've missed or should consider when looking at the Elipsa SE?

Thanks in advance


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Provide us with an update on your gear/system?  Happy Listening!

Which Maggie model did the Elipsa SE replace?
Hard to believe its been a year since this journey started. 

Ended up going with a full BHK stack. The mono blocks are a hybrid design with tubes on the input stage, solid state on the back side. 

Finished off the electronics with  P15 regenerator.  Wow took everything to a new level.

Speaker and interconnects are Cardas sky. 

Power cords are a mix. Have a Cerious Marix from the wall to regenerator,  dedicated 20A, High Fidelity Reveal to the Dac, Cerious graphite for the mono blocks, Forget whats feeding the pre.

Some GIK acoustics for room treatments.  Still have yo put the ceiling panels up. 

I'm in love with the system and sound. Spent the winter hold up listening to music and watching the fire. Without exaggerating I've listened to more music this year than I have in my entire life.

Lise loves the system as well and right now is playing 2 Cellos selections and telling me wow listen to that. In fact she bought the GIK as a gift.

Thanks for asking and happy listening 
The old Maggies were the 2 way intro deal from 20 years ago. Gifted them to a friend who loves them
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