Auditioned Magico A3 - VERY DARK...

So today after waiting for months to try and listen to the Magico A3, I went to Scott Walker audio at Anaheim and listened to the Magico A3, connected to some VAC Tube amp, being fed from a Sony audio streamer, here are my impressions:

- They look fantastic, I wish they made them in silver too, but they are just great in brush black aluminum
- They're quite small and could fit everywhere
- Fit and finish is impecable
- The bass they generated was nothing but amazing for such a small cabinet, you could hear the drums, the down beats and incredible depth of bass at an amazing level
- Imaging was INSANE, you could literally place everyone and everything...
- Sound was VERY VERY DARK!!! This was a bit of a surprise, the top end lacked for my taste to a quite a degree
- I felt like the combo of the Tube amp and Magico lacked resolution, while bass and mid was great, the top end absolutely lacked resolution
- The sound was extremely laid back, again dark
- It does NEED POWER, like he had to crank the volume up, to get good sound out of this, so be aware of that

Overall, I "personally" did NOT like the sound, it lacked details and resolution at the top end, while it was great at the bottom end.  Now, the rep and I think this is mostly due to Tube amp, and connecting it to a solid state amp would bring back resolution, but we simply didn't have time to do that today.  I look forward to listen to these at another time with some decent solid-state amp, but as-is, I was NOT as impressed as I expected and wouldn't have purchased one and I strongly believe Tube and Magico A3 do NOT go well together! 

Anyone else with similar impressions?! Curious to know what others may think, or maybe there was something else in play?

If it come into play, and I'm sure it does, I am using the just released Peachtree Nova 500 integrated.  Gobs of power and very neutral-sounding unit.
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WOW, I had no idea I get 147 comments about my A3 audition... haven’t read them all, but wanted to add that I auditioned MORE Magico speakers last week at AXPONA... and surprise, surprise, NONE impressed! I don’t mean they suck or anything, but they were NOWHERE near as good as their price may suggest! I suspect the money goes more to construction of the speakers than sound!

I listened in Magico room to M2, then in Classe room, Synergetic Research room to M3, and then A3 in another room, A3 was still dark, M3 better, but still "meh"! For instance, a tiny $1200 Elac Carina impressed more (for its size), the Harbeth was magical sounding, some of the exotic speakers in the $50-100K range were all impressive, Wilson sounded like orchestra, Vandersteen sounded like live music, Magico was like just OK!

So, either no one can set these up properly due to insane power demand they may have, or they’re just not that great or to my taste. I am now fully off Magico bandwagon and will be looking at other options in the A3 price range!
Seeing this thread title bumped up reminded me:  I recently had a chance to listen again to a pair of Magicos (M3 I believe) in a very nice listening room at a dealer, hooked up to massive Mcintosh amps.

A variety of music was played, starting with some solo violin, other string stuff, jazz, etc.   First impression as always with Magico:  pretty vivid, detailed sound, floating free of the speaker.  But tonally...I did my usual eyes closed test and asked "could I believe this is real, and if not, how does it depart?"  Pertinent to the thread title: My overriding impression was that the tone was just darker than life.  This was the case with everything played through them.  I can imagine someone being blown away by the realism of the sound in terms of sheer detail and texture though.  And the muted bell of a trumpet was fantastically portrayed, a real sense of metallic solidity.  But like the A3 I heard, at least to me, the tone just didn't have an "it" factor that grabbed me either in "I want to keep listening" terms or "compared to reality."

None of that is to actually conclude "Magico's are dark."  Obviously it could be just bad luck in that both places I auditioned them, with proprietors who are very experienced with Magico, just didn't pair them with the right amps.  I dunno.

But in these and previous encounters I've had with Magico my personal reaction is respect and not love.  They check lots of the audiophile boxes, but I have yet to hear a Magico that didn't seem sort of dry, buttoned up and sort of clinical.  The music happens "over there" behind the speakers but doesn't seem to reach out and boogie.

Again...not a pronouncement on the whole line at all, just how the ones I've heard sounded.  

But if the Magico sound appeals (and I wish it did to me as I was prepared to buy A3s), I'd think an owner would be in heaven, as they are mighty impressive in what they can do.

Agreed, I think these speakers are a love it or hate it, are VERY difficult to setup or match to equipment and that's probably why there are varied opinions on em.  For me, I have to move on, as none I tried suited my ears, while quite a few others did.