Auditioned Innersound gear

Had the opportunity to audition the Innersound Eros mk2 ESL's with their new, active xover bass amp, and ESL amp. All I can say is ..............speachless. You have just got to give this a listen, SIMPLY ASTONISHING!!
Couldn't agree with you more. Roger West is truly gifted and a gem of a human being. In my over 25 years in this hobby, I have never had ANYONE be so accommodating, helpful, generous and, most of all, knowledgable! After hearing his EROS, I can never go back to a dynamic speaker. And that ESL amp is a virtual STEAL at its price point.
Did Roger design the ERO's ?
While I think Mr. West also fits Fmpnd's description, I think he means Roger Sanders. Given the reaction of Sfrounds, I think I'll pay a visit to my EROS-owning friends if and when they upgrade (only a matter of time, I'm sure)!
Yes, Roger West is Sound Labs.
Yes, I DID mean ROGER SANDERS! Although I have respect for Mr. West, Roger Sanders is the gem I spoke of. I bought a used pair of EROS MK-Is from a friend. Thus, Roger is making no money on this transaction. When I finally got around to hooking them up to my system (they had been stored in my garage for 3-4 months while I was remodeling a room), I fired up the system and the EROS literally "fired up" as well - a flame shot out of the panel!! I called Roger and he talked me through a repair (which at least fixed the spontaneous combustion problem)!

After the repair, the one panel was still arcing. No problem, Roger Sanders REPLACED BOTH panels with new MK-II panels FOR FREE (didn't even charge me for shipping!!). I then bought the MK-II bass amp/crossover unit and his ESL amp.

When I installed the new bass/amp crossover unit there was a horrible distortion in the panels. No problem. Roger sends a new unit out right away. Guess what? Same problem with the second unit so he sends a THIRD unit. Each time the new unit was bad, I put the older MK-I bass amp/crossover unit back in and it was fine. Last night I hook up the third unit and EEE GADS! Same distortion. At this point I realize there is NO WAY three units can be defective.

Roger calls me at home after business hours and we systematically replace every piece in my system. First, I place Roger's ESL amp in for my Lamms and the problem persists. Thus, back in go the Lamm amps and we bypass the Lamm preamp by going straight into the bass amp/crossover unit [which has its own volume control].

At 10:30 at night, we realize there is an interaction problem between the digital volume control of the EROS MK-II bass amp/x-over and the Lamm L2 Reference preamp. Roger instructed me on how to measure for DC in the Lamm output to determine if it is the problem (which I will do tonight). If it isn't, Roger said he will put the EROS-MKII and the Lamm on the scope and determine what is wrong and fix it for free!

As they say in that Old Milwaukee commercial, IT JUST DOES'T GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS! Roger's speakers, to these ears, sound so wonderful it has been a revelation and his customer service is LITERALLY the best I have ever experienced in ANY industry! This man is a credit to audio and an example of human kindness that should serve as a model to others.

As one of your Eros-owning friends who just sold his original Eros to move to the Eros II, I'd be happy to have you visit when I get the new speakers in. It should be late January sometime because Roger Sanders is currently out of the new crossover/amp units and CES is fast approaching. I agree it appears to be a great system and I can't wait to get mine! Happy Holidays!
And to you too, Plato--I'll bring that Basis clamp with me for you to try out if you don't pick it up before then. Let me know when they're in!
Roger has MK III's now, guys..........
Angela....what is the difference in the new model?
Rick: You should probably call Roger at Innersound for that answer, as it's probably a long one. As you know, Roger is a delight to speak with anyway; who knows, maybe we can get him to come to another NJAS meeting, given our many Innersound owners!
The Mk III now has patented composite stators instead of perforated metal, with a lifetime guarantee on the panels. The stators look different as, instead of holes, they have slots (of about 2mm wide). Based on the photos, they look even more transparent than the original perforated metal stators.

Wood trim (3 types inc. Cherry) is now a no cost option and a cloth grill is used over the woofer instead of perforated metal.

Not sure if there are any other changes - there could well be minor tweeks. Price has increased
to US$6,995, mainly due to the cost of the composite stators.
Here are the differences between the Eros Mk II/Mk 3 (and soon the Isis/Isis Mk 3): (straight from Roger)

1) InnerSound has developed a new type of composite electrostatic panel.
This type of construction produces a panel made with diamond-routed slots.
It looks better.
It has greater efficiency (98 dB instead of 96 dB).
The panel has perfect insulation, so it cannot be damaged by the amplifier.
It needs NO protective circuitry.
It is immune to humidity.
Dirt, dust, and bugs don't bother it.
It makes no extraneous noise.

2) The new electrostatic panel is patented.

3) The new electrostatic panel is so reliable that it comes with a lifetime

4) The woofer grill is now cloth instead of perforated steel.

5) The new speakers come with the customer's choice of wood or black
aluminum trim at no additional charge.

6) The new price of the Eros Mk 3 is $7,995 (includes two speakers,
crossover, and 600 watt/channel bass amplifier).

7) The new price of the Isis Mk 3is $3,995.

8) The new price of the Passive Eros Mk 3 (made like the Mk 3 but with
passive crossovers instead of electronic crossovers) is $4,995.

I can email you a picture if you like.
Not a bad idea, Russ...I'll give him a call!