Audition Your Speakers Online!?

Received this email today from Crutchfield.
They tout a technology that lets you audition speakers via headphones online.
Your opinion about this please?
Just checked it out. Found it interesting and gave some feedback. It does allow one to hear differences in frequency response and efficiency between chosen models, though things like imaging and soundstaging capabilities will still require a live audition.
People post YouTube videos of their speakers all the time.  You can definitely hear things, but that includes a heavy dose of room sounds.  For an extreme example, try this:
There is one guy on youtube who posts some very high quality speaker comparisons.  The recording quality is very good, the sound level is matched, and you can really hear the difference between speakers.  Here is his most recent comparison.  He has a bunch of comparisons of various high quality speakers, and some other videos of various speakers.

Imo the Crutchfield system does some things really well and some things not so well.  The differences you hear between one speaker and another on their site are pretty small.  There's a reason for that, which I'll keep to myself for now because I have plans to do something along similar lines some day.