Audition suggestions please

just got finished auditioning the b&w 805, 705, and Reference MM Decapo i. while i wouldn't complain having any of these, i found the decapo's a better fit for me personally. any other similar bookshelf monitors i should audition? will be driven by a rotel ra-02 (60w). thanks.
This may seem like an odd comment (or not) ... but you may have a situation where the speakers you are considering are clearly in a different league than your amplifier ... and you may then be looking to upgrade the Rotel RA-02 just to catch up with your speakers. That is a common story around here, but is that what you see yourself doing?

The Rotel RA-02 (RA-01 with a remote) has been a darling of the British hi fi press for "budget kit" for the last year and a half now and the RA-02 has been typically partnered with other "budget" speakers like the B&W 602 series or the Monitor Audio Bronze series. In a stretch, they have partnered the Rotel with the Quad 11L speakers. Have you had the chance to audition your three speaker choices with the Rotel RA-02 or an amplifier of similar abilities?

When I was looking for an amp for my second system, I was choosing between the NAD 320BEE and the Rotel RA-02 and I just found that the Rotel emphasized the treble a little bit more than I liked and I am not sure how this would show up in the speakers that you are looking at.

My apologies for raising more questions than I answered ... I just focus on component synergy more these days than just about anything else.

Regards, Rich
I use to own the Revel M20s. Preferred them over the 805s. Now, I own the Harmonic Precision, Caravelles. These monitors (speakers) are one of the best speakers I have ever heard, regardless of price. These may be $$ wise much more than you want to spend, considering the price of what you've been auditioning. If you can go a little deeper into your pockets, you will hear what no monitor, in my listening experiences (and floorstanders, as well) can do. You can read my review so I don't have to go in to the whole 9 again. Fabulous speakers. Must sit atop their dedicated stands to sound the way they were meant to. I have had them for 4 months, and they just get better and better, or maybe I'm just appreciating my music more. I AB'd these against the Jmlabs Micro Bes, which were the best darn monitors I had ever heard, until the Caravelles. Easy decision to make. The M20s and 805s? Not even close....peace, warren
the decapos are the best match with your amp(a nice amp by the way), so if you like the results..go for it.

If you like the DeCapo and it fits your budget, go for it! I own the DeCapo (non-i version) and it has been in my system longer than any other speaker in my modern Audiophile history. It is very easy to live with, with a smooth, non-fatiquing sound and it also has excellent bass response for a monitor. I actually own a hi-end subwoofer, but I never feel compelled to turn it on with the DeCapos.

However, what Rich said may be correct. You may be buying a speaker that far ourclasses your amp (I don't have any personal experience with the Rotel). But, the great thing about the R3A DeCapo is the fact that it can be driven by almost any amp in a moderate sized room. I currently use either a 3.5 w/ch SET tube amp or a 30 watt/channel p-p tube amp. Either will easily drive the DeCapo to "too loud" levels in my medium sized room. The beauty of this easy to drive speaker is that you will likely never have to change speakers to match your amp. And, there are some EXCELLENT inexpensive low-powered amps on the market today.


The posts above offer good advice and it's great that you're hearing from people who have actually heard the gear you're interested in.

I would add that from my personal experience in trying to find pieces that work well together and still fit within a limited budget, I've been happier tipping the balance a little more toward higher quality (read, 'more expensive') speakers and going with less expensive amplification than the other way around.

In other words, if you love the DeCapos and it takes buying the Rotel rather than something more expensive to stay within your budget, that's probably a good plan. That's not a knock on the Rotel, by the way, the new Rotel stuff I've heard performs way above its price,
thank you all for your helpful responses. i do think rich is right: my speakers will certainly outclass my amp. the 805's and de capo were auditioned with the rotel ra-02. however i do hope that i can hold on to my speakers for many years to come while the rotel amp, a nice little amp and 40 watts and not 60 as i previously mentioned, may be sold off in a year or two. this of course will lead to my next "which amp should i now get" question. but for the time being, i will look into the Revel M20s and the Harmonic Precision Caravelles. any other suggestions will be apppreciated as well! Miz