Audirvana Studio is hung up on "Loading First Track"

I like the functionality of the Audirvana, but 95% of the time it is non-operational.  When I click on a music file either from my HDD or from my Tidal stream, I get a prompt saying "loading first track" and then nothing plays.  AV staff is worse than worthless in trying to solve the problem after a dozen email to which they did not respond.  Any help would be appreciated or advice on moving to a more functional alternative to Audirvana.  I have a new iMac running Catalina 10.15.7.  I am at wit's end. 

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Amarra and JRiver are two of the better alternatives if you're determined to run from your iMac. 
If not, IME you'll get far more musical joy and far less UX frustration moving from Mac/Audirvana to a Linux Core(Roon Nucleus, Intel NUC or in my case Small Green Computer SonicTransporter and Run Roon. Use any tablet, phone, and/or your iMac as remote controls. But that is a whole different conversation. Cheers,