Audirvana Plus Update

I am running Audirvana Plus, version 1.3.5, on a MacBook Air. It runs fine. However, if I try to update I get the following warning:

"Audirvana Plus can't update when it is running from a read only volume like a disk image or an optical drive. Move Audirvana Plus to your Application folder, relaunch it from the there and try again"

I don't understand; Audirvana Plus is already resident in the Application Folder. What am I doing wrong?
Some apps are sensitive to read & write permissions. Here's a potential fix:

- Highlight your Applications folder.
- Go to the File menu -> Get Info
- Click the pad lock in the lower right hand corner and authenticate.
- Click the + sign in the lower left hand corner.
- Highlight your username in the pop up window and click Select.
- Back in the Info window, to the right of your name, touch "Read only" and change it to "Read & Write"
- Click the cog wheel to the right of plus and minus sign, then select "Apply to enclosed items."

It will take a few minutes to finish. When it's done, try to update Audirvana.
Never mind. It looks like you solved your problem. I wish Audiogon would remove these duplicate threads.