Audirvana Plus or Roon?

I’m looking for SW that can manage local audio as well as Tidal and other streaming services. Do these two do basically the same thing? I’ll be using either when traveling as well as at home so I want it to perform well with iPhones/iPads also. Right now I have Spotify, Tidal and a bunch of MP3s in iTunes. My setups at home have a Yamaha Aventage 1060 receiver in the family room and KEF LS50 Wireless w/a MacBook Air in my man cave. It looks like the Yamaha will be supporting Tidal soon and it already supports Spotify. The KEF SW needs help everywhere. Regardless, again, I need something I can use on the road too to manage it all on the devices.

Thanks for any input.
I have a subscription to Tidal & Roon.  I use Tidal on my phone in the car, airplane, and walking around.  When I am home, listening to my audio system, I use Roon to manage my library of digital music as well as to manage my Tidal HiFi subscription and play it through my doc, which is "Roon Ready" and allows for easy seamless integration.

Roon is by far the best audio management software I have used.  I have tried JRiver extensively, and I have dabbled with Audirvana, Pure Music, and a handful of others.  The user experience in Roon is first rate.  The rest don't even come close.

I am not sure if this is entirely accurate, but I heard that the people who designed Roon actually got their start by designing the software which was bought by Meridian, and became the Sooloos system.  I guess the point is, the software team had an early start and a large victory selling that to (or designing it for) Meridian.

I do not use Roon to manage my music / Tidal subscription in my car or when I am walking.  If it is possible, I should!  Tidal also has a pretty good mobile app though.
Thanks for the reply,

I’ve since realized that I can’t take advantage of Audirvana when on the road with my iPhone/iPad. Also, from what I’ve been reading, the SQ is better with Audirvana? Anyone have an opinion on the SQ?

I went ahead and signed up for a Roon trial and so far I like it. My MacBook Air is my core and I have the app on my iPhone too. I guess I can connect with my Yamaha AVR via AirPlay as well but it isn’t the best quality? I wish I could get Spotify in there also and I’d just let Roon handle it all. So I now have Roon, Tidal HiFi and Spotify Premium. Any other services to consider?
For me, I value simplicity.  I have my own collection of CD quality files, a smaller collection of high res files, and then I have my subscription to Tidal HiFi.  So far there is very little I cannot listen to, so I am not interested in adding a 2nd provider like Spotify.

I’m with you Mark, I like simplicity too. We basically have the same needs except I like some content Spotify has to offer that Tidal doesn’t have. I’ve been a Spotify user long before Tidal too so I'm more familiar with it. I’m hoping eventually Roon can work a deal with them and also Yamaha and I’ll be covered. I’ve read that Roon is on the roadmap for my KEF LS50 Wireless too.

Thanks again for your input.