Audirvana 2.x Upgrade Benefits

I've been putting off upgrading to version 2, mainly because I was not having any issues with version 1.

That was until I installed the latest Apple OS and iTunes updates.

This cause several playback issues and so I contacted Damien at Audirvana, who told me all the issues I was experiencing were fixed in the latest version 2 release.

I upgraded thinking that all that would be achieved is fixing my playback issues - boy was I wrong.

Seems Damien is something of a wizard - I experienced...
- more fine detail clarity
- bigger, fuller image
- more focused artist placement within image
- a fuller warmer sound
- dare I say - more "analogue like" :-)

I have read comments on Agon that people did not experience any audible benefits, but this was not so in my case.

It is well worth the $39 price tag

System Related Items:
- iMac + iTunes + Aurvana
- v-link192 into a Bifrost 4490 via SPDIF

But let me just add - all of the improvements I noticed pertain to the extremely fine details that recreate venue acoustics and reverberations, as opposed to better bass, faster dynamics etc

Perhaps they are not immediately discernable, but will become more apparent over time.

One album that sounded far better was Money For Nothing by Dire straits. The guitar work has never sounded this good :-) 

Back to the music...

AFAIK  VLINK192 is asynchronous USB to S/PDIF converter.  Since S/PDIF clock is completely separated from the computer timing, then the only way that playback program can affect the sound is by processing (upsampling etc.), unless there was some software bug, that new release eliminated.  Whatever it is - it is worth much more than $39.
I run Audirvana 2.5x without iTunes and gives a even more fuller and details sound.  Try it and you will be surprised.
Samleung - Interesting.... I’ve tried it with Version 1.x, but not 2.x.

No plans to try it just now because I would have to give up the remote control feature because I use a droid device for remote control currently.

Of course, once Damien comes out with an Android remote control I plan to eliminate iTunes from the stream altogether.

I could buy an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad for remote control I guess, but my droid phone cost $0.00 with my plan and works great.

Unfortunately you do have to have iTunes in the mix for Droids to work as a remote.

I’ll probably give it a try in a couple of weeks - just too busy right now

Thanks for the input

Get iTunes out of the mix. Get the iPad app for audirvana and have audirvana read the songs instead of involving iTunes. Nice bump in performance. I have had many Mac apps and I thought audirvana 2.x was the best.
BTW: I just migrated from this setup to a Auralic Aries music server, big jump in performance IMO
Rbstehno, when you were looking at music servers, did you happen to try the Blue Sound?

I've auditioned it and it sounds really nice. Just wondered how it compares