Audire Forte Power Amp Mods?

Has any one try to modified this amp?
Man I had one of those for 15 years that I bought new back in the mid-80's. Reliable beyond belief.

You might want to call Julius at Audire (I'm assuming he's still alive and well). Great guy and can likely give you a heads up as to any possible modders in the marketplace.
Yes, I got one from an audiophile buddy. I can't belive how good this vintage little amp sounds. Using it with ARC-LS3B, Rega Apollo CD, Vienna Acoustic Bach. Musical & mades me want to listen more & tweak less. Tube pre amp next :)
Contact David Schulte at The Upgrade Company
By all means just pick up the phone and have a nice chat with Mr. Schulte at the Upgrade Company. Very clean and very safe with excellent results. I don't know if he has worked on this amp but he has done a lot of work on vintage as well as brand new. 1-269-665-7433