Audire Audio Forte???

Anyone know anything about this amp? How does it compare to other upper end mid fi amps (Anthem, Bryston, etc)? Found one used and am considering it for my brother who has a modest ht setup powered by an Onkyo digital reciever with Paradigm speakers (don't know what model no.). Want something that will give him the next step for stereo playback. I recently added a Bryston 3b to my setup for the mains and experienced a great improvement and would like to do the same for him. Any suggestions.
It is a good amp for the money call Juluis at Audire for more answers. 714-968-1236.
think he'd be happy with the audire. have cresendo and noble II monos and luv'em. agree with deloaks1 that julius is the man to talk to. kurt
From my extended use(Delear let me borrow it for month while my classe was at the factory), I can say one thing abou the amp. IT GOT SLAM. I was not impressed with the finnesse (lack of clarity, imaging, presence of some grunge,etc)though.
Thanks! Really appreciate the info.
My first "high end" separate amplifier was a Cresendo from 1982. Compared to the Conrad-Johnson MV45 tube amp I replaced it with, it's reliable as hell (I still have it and use it for part time D.J. work!)but very solid state sounding. A good rock and roll amp but not very musical. But once again, unbreakable. I've hauled it through 6-7 moves and in and out of my car and local halls at least 60-70 times. Driven it for seven hours straight at weddings and high sshool grad. parties, never a blip.