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Do upgraded power cords really make a significant difference in sound quality? I have a Jolida 502p that I think sounds pretty good. What do you recommend for a power cord that would make a significant improvement?

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@ Wolf_Garcia, Your post had me laugh, great sence of humor, cheers.
Hi Theducker, thank you for your reply, you might check out northwest Florida, Destin is quite nice, so is fort Walton, and Pensacola. :-)
@ atmashere, By all means, prove what I agree with by theory of science, I will learn something here, I can say the Tara labs cobalt power cord with Oyaide Top IEC and plug beat out much more exspensive power cords by a large margin that I have tried on my system, The cobalt has a built on RFI/EMI cerelex devise developed by Tara that to me, has had me re listening to my music collection in awe because I am hearing music that was not there before, what a revelation, wow!, for the asking price, well worth it!, No regrets!
Thankyou Ralph, As Always, Learned something from you again.
I have a question, Does one reap better performance benefits with some of the state of the art power cords out there versus some of the state of the art tube rolling out there?, currious I am, what's your opinion out there?, In other words, which tweek gives a system the best up-grade?, I understand I will likly do both, just something I would like to know.
@ Tls49, Interesting, I used the Gauge caculator link you provided, Thankyou for that, As it turns out, My power cord uses 60 runs of 10AWG, The Caculator says my power cord is 1 AWG!!!, Awsome!
Thankyou Tls49 for the correction, I must say though, The Cobalt with top Oyaide IEC and Plug sounds very good on my system, I am Happy with the performance of this power cord, In the world of High-end power cords, That is Rare for me.
Very good post Ralph, interesting to say the least, Oh, by the way, Back in the late 90s, I rented many, many power cords from the cable company that retailed for lots of money, This was for a krell FPB 200, all of them sounded way worse than the stock Beldin Power cord that came with the amp, However, This is 2014, and I decided to try power cords once again, To my suprise, This power cord I have works well, and sounds great, I am sure there is better, But man, at what cost!, cheers to you Ralph.
@ Tls49, I believe we both were mistaken as to what the Tara labs cobalt power cord's gauge size is, I do know that the conductors are 24 awg, and has 60 of them, you may confirm this on the Tara labs site, according to the wire caculator you supplied, My power cord gauge size is 6 gauge, BTW is really good, or you can use the other caculator, the power cord has three runs of 10 awg, and that turns out to be 5 gauge, either way, The cobalt is not 10 gauge.
Damn, sorry gentleman, maybe I will phone call Tara Labs and get to the bottom of this, However, I am sure all of you are correct, I really don't understand, I used the caculator provided by Tony, and used it the way the site explained it, Thanks Al and tony.
Well, I did say I would get back to this thread, Tls49, As It turns out we are all wrong about the Tara Labs cobalt power cord, I recieved my E-mail from Tara Concering this Awg size, Here is the absolute correct build and resulting Gauge size, live run-14 times 24 GAUGE RSC = 14 awg... combined with 2 times 12 awg becomes 8 AWG, Neutral run...14 TIMES 24 AWG rsc = 14 AWG.. COMBINED WITH 2 TIMES 12 BECOMES 8 AWG, GROUND RUN... 2 TIMES 12 AWG = 10 AWG... COMBINED WITH 2 TIMES 12 AWG BECOMES 8 AWG, iN ADDITION, LIVE AND NEUTRAL RUNS ARE SHIELDED WITH 12 AWG EACH OF LARGE BRAIDED COPPER SHIELDING, CONNECTED WITH GROUND PATH., THERE YOU HAVE IT, THE COBALT IS 8 AWG OVERALL, Glad to been able to resolve this issue once and for all, cheers.
I agree Al, I thought the same thing, but that is what they E-mailed me, you made everything more clear, so what is you caculation of the over all gauge?
Hi Theduker, I enjoyed reading your post, very interesting to say the least, well written, kept my attention, may I ask what part of Florida you going to?,:-)