Audioweb/ What a bear

I'm sure some of you use 'Audioweb' to search for equiptment. I just went there finally, and is it me or is that site a 'bear' to navigate.

Compared to 'Audiogon' they have a lot of work to do to make that site, user friendly. :(

I never was able to get to the 'used loudspeaker' page. 'Used equiptment' but not just, 'used loudspeakers'.
Yeah, Audioweb has made a few changes and not for the better in my opinion. Out of the "big three" ( A-gon, Audioshopper and Audioweb ), it is my least favorite for several reasons.

Having said that, can you tell what is my favorite "used audio" website ??? If you can do that, i bet you can tell what comes in 2nd place too : ) Sean
That's a tough one Sean, Can we have another hint? :^)
This is a logic question, right?
No help to either of you. Now go to your rooms, study for the test and don't come out until you know the answers. And NO nintendo playing either : ) Sean
Steve, you can get to the used speaker page by first going to preowned equip then catagory then loudspeaker.

Once you get there the other pain of the matter is that you have to keep clicking 'next page' instead of just scrolling along like you do on Agon. It's not a particularly user friendly design comparatively speaking.
I once sold something through audioweb- it was also listed here- and I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to mark the ad as sold and have it removed! So I let it run its course and fortunatly I didn't have any sort of explaining to do ;) I agree that site is hard to figure out. ~Tim
i too get notious surfing through audioweb. also they havn't enough machines for the server and thus so slow.
Thought I'd try ads at AudioWeb a few times. I consider myself pretty web-savvy, but just couldn't deal with the poor archetecture of the site without more frustration than it seemed worth.
The only reason I ever go to Audioweb is to check prices of old listings. They have archives going several years back that gives an idea of price histories. The problem is that many are repeat ads for unsold items, so they can soon become meaningless.

I wish Audiogon had another system of being able to check price histories without having to pay a substantial fee EACH time you list an item. You pay a 20$ fee and you have a 30 day window, but very seldom are you selling more than one item within that window, so you essentially end up paying the full fee to check prices only once.

I SAID..., I WISH AUDIOGON...... ;-)

Ps. A-gon, I would pay for the service if there was another tier of use that made it less costly for infrequent users. Something like a munch-card or a rail pass, - where you get a certain # of paid log-ins to research, that you can use up at your own pace.