Anyone running Audiovector speakers? What is your feeling about their sound quality? Current reviews look good.
I carried AudioVector speakers when I was in the business from the mid 80's - mid 90's. They are excellent speakers, solid performance, great build quality and work fine with tube gear & solid state.
Big soundstage and easy to drive.  Build quality is excellent and they use some innovative technology.  Unlike many speakers using an AMT, they are not even a little bright.  Very natural.  

I have been flirting with an idea of signing up as a dealer.  R1s and R3s are awesome but it is a big jump to the R6 though it is a much better speaker.  

If you buy them I doubt you will regret it.  
I'd be interested to hear more reviews. I'm considering the Audiovector R3 Arrete as an option for my space that doesn't allow me to pull the speakers that far from the wall. I found the bass to be a little less weighty than I would like. It's definitely punchy a deep but didn't get the visceral feeling I would like. Considering matching a sub with it for a flexible setup. I have a 21x11 room and have the speakers setup on the long wall.

In general I really like the Audiovector sound. The soundstage was big and unique sounding for such a small speaker. I'm not sure if it's the rear firing tweeters or what.

I’m considering either the Audiovector R1 Arrete vs R3 Signature. Clearly stand mount vs small floorstander and a quality difference. They will have to match a Naim SuoerNAIT3 / Chord Hugo TT2. No chance to audition, which would suit better ?

If your room is large enough to accommodate, I would go with the R3 Signatures as it should be more friendly matched with a mid-powered integrated amplifier and I think you will get better bass.

Thanks for that. My only other choices similar price wise were ATC SCM40 or Spendor D7.2.

Have R6 arrete on order. Going to use Auris Fortissimo integrated and Cardas Clear rev1 speaker cables. Think I am at my end game would like to add an SS amp just for the variety not sure what would compliment the r6. Goldnote DS 10 pre/dac/streamer with Goldnote PA10 mono blocks might work 

@captainsteve congrats on the R6 order! For solid state, Gryphon is one of the best with Audiovector, especially Diablo 300 or Antileon EVO. Before moving to Gryphon, Audiovector often used Naim amplification. Pass also a great match - had excellent results with XA30.5 (plenty of power for the R6) and know people who are happy with XA60.8. I realize these are all considerably more expensive than e.g. the Goldnote. I do think if you are getting an Arrete, you will keep getting more and more out of the speakers if you scale up. It’s a $35k speaker and deserves commensurate upstream equipment. I find my SR6 Arreté to be easygoing to get to "good" sound, but like all high-end gear, quite finicky to get to "great." Cardas Clear is an ok starting point but you should be able to do substantially better, depending on the amp. Just my $.02. Enjoy the new speakers!

For less expensive solid state, I know quite a few owners who are happy with Sugden. Luxman and Accuphase also a couple that can work well - basically fuller-bodied solid state. Lower power Class A is a great way to take advantage of the relatively high efficiency of Audiovector, as long as the amp has sufficient current capability and good bass control. 

taww. Thanks for your response I agree Gryphon would be an awesome piece to compliment my R6 not sure if you are familiar with Auris Fortissimo integrated class A/AB tube amp  2 great reviews on part time audiophile and stereo life magazine.My Goldnote PA 10 mono blocks with DS 10 worked beautifully on my Triangle Alphas so to be determined on the Audiovector r6 if I have the same .What are your thoughts on speaker cables vs my Caras Clear   Always appreciate other opinions