Audiovalve Amps

Anyone use there gear

Are there pre amps better than there power amps

The Eclipse and conductor pre amps get good reviews,not much around on there power amps

Use an Eklipse (with RCA Cleartop 12AU7s) with a pair of Baldur 70s (aka Baby Baldurs) - all terrific units, totally reliable with never a hiccough. Found the sound really enjoyable via Sonus faber - Stradivari/Cremona Ms/Cremona Auditor Ms and also ML Summits.Also very well built.However, for some reason they tend to be overlooked a lot, notwithstanding they are very well priced. I am in the process of returning to vinyl and will probably pick up the Sunilda phono stage. Certainly you should audition them if you are shopping in their price range.Ken Kessler gave the Baldurs a glowing review.