Audiostatic Wing PhiHybrid Electrostat

Anybody own or have heard these speakers ? Do they sound as good as they look ?
Good question. I heard the older version of the wing in 92 or 93 at the Stereophile HiFi show in San Francisco. Deeeep imaging and good lateral staging. Owing to there flat panel design, they had an exceptionally narrow sweet spot for the best image. They were mated at the time to HSU subs, so I can't comment on their own bass. But, man, did they look cool! Red, lacquered, elegant. I couldn't shake the visual image from that day. Later, I tried to find them at shops, to no avail. The quest faded, but the striking visual statement did not.

Recently I stumbled across the Audiostatic website. Oh yes, those elegant panels still intoxicate! I did some research last year when Audiostatic was offering Audelcon (sp?), a DIY version of the Wing. At that time, the Wing was called DCI, and was previously the ES100. Ben Peters, Audiostatic owner/designer, was kind enough to return my email inquiry regarding purchasing the Audelcon. Peters explained that Audiostatic had no distribution in the US. I know that at one time Threshold distributed, but I guess they are gone now. So, without any retail sales channels and potential service sites, I just didn't feel good enough about taking the plunge.

With my SL3s only hinting at the elegant look of the Audiostatic, I find myself longing...if only they has US sales...which leads me back to your question...I wonder if their sound would measure up to the look...

Incase either of you would like to have a pair of
ES 500's in your living room :o) their is a pair
for sale at Sound Mind Audio, call Brian Kurtz
@ 512-251-7301

Bob Lindsey
Thanks for your input, guys.
The German worldwide distributor said he can ship a pair of Wings to me here in Hong Kong (CIF) for Euro 5950 (=US$5400).With that, I can probably get M-L's Request or Odyssey from local dealer here. Having no local support is
a big problem. As Douglikesaudio said, they're beeuuteefool...