audiosource amp three: anyone know it?

is this a dependable amp?
I owned two and used them in mono mode. They were very reliable and good sounding with plenty of reserve power. However, they are not SOTA high end by any means and are not advertised as such. Just good clean power, low cost, and mine worked very well.
I've had an Amp3 in one of my systems for about 3 years. I purchased it as a display model and added a modestly priced extended 4 year warranty as a precaution. The complete package was under $250 (A GOOD BIT UNDER RETAIL). The Amp3, while nothing like "audiophile jewelery" in appearance or construction, has been utterly reliable with no objectionable sonic characteristics. I feed a CD plyer directly into it with very satisfying results. The Audiosource amplifiers well demonstrate that good power and sound can be had at a reasonable cost. That is, if you aren't concerned about impressing your high-priced owning friends (if they don't see the Amp3 they should be pleased with what they hear, assuming that they CAN "hear"). I should add that I also own some considerably more expensive amplification. Yet, I am very satisfied with my purchase of the Amp3. As a caveat, I would recommend against the Audiosource pre-amp on sonic grounds.
think its got the juice to handle a sub?
Re powering a sub: In bridged-mode the Amp 3 is rated at 400 watts. If the sub can perform well with that power level, the answer is yes. Everything that I've read and heard indicates that this is an honestly rated amplifier. Don,t let it overheat.