Audiosector Patek and Taylo Ref Monitors?

I'm heading back to an old favorite of mine and purchasing a pair of Tyler Acoustic Referece Monitors from Ty. I've been looking in the $1000 to $1500 price range for an amp and came across the Audiosector Patek. I like what I've read but not sure if it will mate well with the Taylo's and my Dodd Audio Entry pre. My source is soon to be a fully modded RWA Squeezebox 3... hopefuly arriving by the end of next week. Any thoughts or other suggestions?

From looking at the specs of the Taylo. I'm not sure the Patek would be a good idea. Most small two way monitors like this aren't as easy to drive as they seem. Some really need plenty of current to do them justice. If the Taylo was a larger speaker with a tad better efficiency that didn't have a wild impedance..I would say go for it! Maybe a Tyler fan will chime in and give you suggestions on a better match. If the Portal Panache came as just an would be my choice for a speaker like this.
I've heard the Taylo Reference Monitors with both PS Audio and McCormack equipment (100-125 watts of amplification) and they were amazing - a steal at their price point. You really need a sub with them, though. For some reason that Seas woofer just doesn't produce bass like, say, a Scanspeak woofer of comparable size.

I've not heard the Taylos with tubes, but I'll bet they sound incredible - maybe even better- with tubes. They were so transparent with the SS stuff I'll bet they sound very musical without totally sacrificing detail and transparency with good tube gear.

Good luck!
Thanks for the advice. I wil definitely check it out.

The crossover network is a major factor in allowing the watts to travel from opchip types of amps to speakers like the Taylo. I wholeheartedly agree with Gmood about the unfeasability of driving these two ways with an opchip based amplifier...For what I remember from the crossover network of the References, they were heavily built, thus becoming a watt sink.

The Panache supposedly sounds awesome with many different speakers and it might be the key, used prices are a steal.

Paul K
I'm leaning towards the Sound Quest sq-88 tube intergated. After spending sometime with Stephen, owner of Quest for Sound, I was quite impressed with his sq-84. He's local and I would much rather support a local dealer and desighner of the sq-88.