Audioquest WEL Signature

Any owners of the speaker cable, if so what are your thoughts & what was your previous speaker cable? 

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I held a head to head shootout of AQ WEL vs Odin I vs SR Galileo LE in my system a few years back. i was replacing Valhalla I at the time.  I use AQ WEL for all my interconnects but in my system the Galileo sounded more integrated and open. The Odin was also nice but a bit tipped up, although maybe faster and cleaner than the Galileo. The AQ just sounded slow to me, but this may have been because of a non ideal installation (the demo cable was biwired so I had to cludge both sets of connectors into my single wire 

I ended up purchasing the Galileo and have since then further gotten improvements from changes to the active bias

Net net you have to demo the cable in your setup against a few others to really tell
I had WEL in my system and thought the Everest/Montblanc was far a matter of fact, I liked almost everything else better ..just shows to go ya how more important system matching is than price. ..
Thanks folkfreak & stringreen. 

Folkfreak, did you not want to try running 2 pairs?

Stringreen, yes, I too never presume the flagship model in a range is always best for a particular system. What are you using now?
@infection sorry if I was it clear. The demo cable was a shotgun biwire set (some $60k+ worth) and my speakers are single terminal so I had to connect together two sets of banana plugs into one set of terminals - not a pretty sight. Anyway just wanted to give the cable the benefit of the doubt if I had not gotten to hear the best of it, at least I know the one I tried was broken in 😏
I have AQ Wel sigs.  Pm me and we can talk.  I don't find them slow.  I love them.   I went from Oak to Wel and it is a beast.  I find that it gets out of the way and really pushes the system to the limit.  The ability to image better and with almost zero glare is just amazing.

I would buy the wel over and over again.

i also have wel power cords.

i have the new sigs.

i have back to backed the wels against oaks... I know the two like the back of my hand.
Mine is single biwire 8ft.
Audioquest will come with all new powercabels in a few months. I tested the Wel powercables as well. They are not that unique and great.

Audioquest makes decent powercables but not stunning ones. But this could soon be different. The person who developed them is an expert in electricity and he also created the new conditioners.

For example the Latest Purist Audio Limited Edition Luminist Revision are superior to the Well Signature powercables.

I own 2 sets of the lastest Wel Signature XLR interconnects and I love them.

I owned the Nordost Valhalla loudspeakercable for 12 years. When I lend the Redwood latest version from Audioquest I was surprised even how much better the timing was compared to the Valhalla 1.

I will do an update from Redwood to Wel later as well.

* There is one important note; The Wel Signature loudspeaker cable and also the interconnects have a long period to burn in.

I always burn in 24hours a day. The Wel Signature interconnect even changed after 21 days of 24hours a day continiously.

After 23 days it didn’t change anymore. It irritated me a lot. I hate new products to burn in. But the Wel Signature was the most irritating experience I ever had.

When it is not burned in completely you will get a different thought about the cable than it would have been burned in completely.

Any thoughts on WEL Signature interconnects vs. Wild Blue?
I own both, the differences are clear. The Wel creates a sharper individual focus of instruments. More musical sound and is able to create even more diversity in stage height.

I only use the Wild Blue for my center and surroundspeakers these days.
I love what I'm hearing from the one run of balanced WEL interconnects. Focused rich images. Will compare head-to-head with my Synergistic CTS, when they return. Had an opportunity to get some WBY for an attractive price, so I was curious.
Has anyone tried the top end Wireworld?  They work extremely well in my system.  They aren't colored, enhanced, editorializing, etc., etc.  What's interesting to me is that ClearCables Biwire Shotgun are nearly identical, except that Wireworld has more a sense of "ease" which is very welcome.
You can't hear everything. I've stuck with Audioquest and Synergistic Research over the years because they tend to be quite neutral and non-editorializing. I'd love to hear the new Tara Labs stuff, but I can't afford it. The Cable Company is a great resource for auditioning cables.
I just had another guy recommend Wireworld cables to me. I plan to audition some interconnects thru The Cable Company in about 2 months. Ill bring in some Wireworld along with a few others and will let you know how it goes.