Audioquest Water

I heard through the grapevines that Audioquest discontinued the Columbia and replace it with a new interconnect named Water. Does any one know anything about this Water interconnect? I tried to Google it but could not get any info. Maybe Bo1972, our resident expert on Audioquest, can chyme in.
I just imagined the bottle of water with AudioQuest logo.:-)
As you may know they are changing out a few of their cables as they upgrade. I will check on that or if John is around, he will know.
Do you know what has replaced the King Cobra and Diamondback interconnects?
Guys, I just spoke with John at Audio Connection. As you know he's a big time AQ dealer. I've been getting a bunch of AQ cable, in fact John had me get the Castle Rock instead of Gibraltar because it's the new one. The changes are minor. for the most part it's all just getting away from the metal parts on the cable and replacing them with poly so it doesn't change the signal. It's the part where the connectors are (sorry forget what they call the collars). They are just changing the names for marketing etc... He said you can hear differences, but it's not a major overhaul. Just enough change to give them new names. I bet they are also trying to keep ahead of all the counterfeit stuff out there too.
Thank you very much Ctsooner for finding the answers for us. This is a fun hobby. We get excited when new toys come out.
There will be also a new cable for the Audioquest Sky. They did not had the new name for it.

Next year they will bring out all new powercables. This is their weakest part in my personal opinion.

They also will bring out powerconditioners. We will see.

What a silly name; Water!!
Thanks Bo. they have to keep up with the others in regards to marketing, however there isn't that much more they can do at this point as their cables at each price point are about as good as it gets. Most dealers I have visited the last year or so use AQ as much as they can as they are so neutral and that's really what you want. Shouldn't have to 'tune' your system with your cable. I'm glad they keep the newer named cables at the same prices.
To be honest prices are a little higher. The main reason is that the people who make it ( Chinese people) want a better income as well. I personally think this is a good thing.
LOL.. in the world of audio though, the prices aren't much higher. They just keep creeping the prices each couple of years so we don't notice it as much.
Another new name will be Fire.....Burn M...F.... Burn!
Yes, it seems that Fire will be replacing Sky and has the brand new Audioquest made RCA plugs and XLR plugs on. The Fire seems to have bigger air tubes than the Sky. UK pricing is about right I think for their entire Elements range. Water, Earth, Wind and Fire. It appears there is a slight delay with the launch of Fire.

Audioquest Elements Series Interconnects
I did receive the info about the new cables, no prices yet. I have to wait to see what the prices are.

My focus is Always on if the new products have a better value for the money.

Air tubes have a big influence on the extra air around instuments and voices. It gives a much better presentation in Heights of a recording.

I owned the new Wild Blue Yonder, this one was a totally different league compared to the Sky.

The difference between the Wel en Wild is even bigger. A lot bigger than I thought.

I will write a review in a few weeks about it. I can tell you one thing; it sets music to a new dimension in sound and image!
looking forward to your review.
I don't have any experience with the Water interconnects but I do have the Earth interconnects in XLR. They are very good and I highly recommend them. Looking to get a pair in RCA as well. I wrote a review on them in this forum. Feel free to look it up for more details.
Fire replacing Sky and Water?? I think the top of the line model should be AudioQuest NWO LOL!!!
Fire is above water, lol. Sky is no longer I believe.
Actually the top of the line Audioquest is the WFLowe Signature. I thought Sky and Everest were fabulous in my system. I then auditioned the Signature which was absolutely awful. (Yes the cables were broken in...they just came from the NY Audio show.
There are many cables 'above' the Fire. I didn't want to say the Fire was the TOL. I"m very familiar with the whole line. I ended up with an XLR Niagara and have loved it. I will want to hear Fire too. I didn't like the Sky as much as the Niagara. I've heard the WEL with Vandy 7's and AR gear and it sounded incredible. It's just system dependent like anything else. Just proves that you need to audition anything in the system and you can't go by reviews or what others just say. JMHO