AudioQuest vs StraightWire?

Anyone have recommendations on which company would have better speaker cables for home theater for B&W 805 speakers?
I know the Encores from Straightwire will tend towards "warmth" is you can call it that. I also thought the bass was a little fuller with the encores over the audioquest. Though for speaker wire I tend to like some of the tara labs better (was using tara labs "space and time").
I will try to listen to Audioquest new line, I was a die hard fan of Straightwire, but now I'm running Audioquest
Caldera and Python, I think for the money and the sound of the wires they are superior. But you have to listen for your self and see.

With the B and W, The Straightwire Rhapsody was a great match... very warm and detailed...Great quality overall.
Definately tames the bright tendencies of the 805s.
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I have tried Audioquest Clear, Straightwire Serenade & Virtuoso and Audience AU24 with planar speakers and EAD preamp/amp. The Clear is nice, the Serenade has a nice warm sound but does not excel, the Virtuoso is very system dependent, harsh with my old preamp/amp combo but with the EAD it has great bass & resolution. The Audince is my favorite cable, crystalline highs & very musical.
Gee, I have been using StraightWire for years and never thought of them as being "warm".
I do think the Rhapsody is a warm sounding cable...
I used them with a pair of Mirage om9s and then with a pair of 803 b and w they definately were less harsh or glarring in the highs, and the vocals were more 3d and yes... warmer sounding in my opinion.. I changed to Wireworld Silver Eclipse IIs and for 5 times the price, I am almost dissapointed that I sold the Straightwires...
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