Audioquest Vs Kimber

I'm looking at the Audioquest Viper and the Kimber Hero for use between my Cal Cd player and Goldmund Integrated amp, right now theres just slighty too much bass, I prefer a lighter leaner sound with a lot of air. Has anyone compared these two cables? Or just Audioquest vs Kimber in general. I know they both have the rep to be brighter sounding and thats just what I need in my warm system. Which of these cables is more detailed and has more air?
I have used Kimber and Audioquest cables though not the two you are asking about. The Kimber was KCTG three strand silver braid. The were very detailed, maybe a little bright and if anything a little lite in the bass.

I have had several Audioquest cables and found them to be decent, but not as good as things I used since then.

I don't know if this was any help. What I'm saying is I'd lean toward the Kimber based on your preferences.
I have not used any Kimber cables. I did own a pair of Audioquest Anacondas for a few months. If bright is what you want, Audioquest is what you get! I think with the exception for the pythons and the corals, the whole line is somewhat bright.

I've been using Signal Cable Analog 2 for a couple of months and I couldn't be happier. You should check them out. At just over $50, they are definately THE BEST inexpensive IC's out there.

Good luck.

Basaed on my prior ownership and use of the lower-priced Kimber and AQ interconnects, I think that the Kimber Hero is a better cable. AudioQuest's more expensive IC's are very good, but I think that the Kimber Hero is a significantly better cable at the $150 price bracket. (FWIW, the Kimber Hero has been chosen as the best IC in its price range by several different cable comparison reviews).
I have to disagree with reffering to the AQ Anacondas as bright. They are neutral and revealing with a very big sound. If you have bright equipment, they definately will not hide it. In the $150.00 range though, I would reccomend the Kimber Hero. It is hard to beat.

Funny, I thought the AQs I had (the old Diamond and Lapis) were pretty mellow, while my Kimber KCAG was definitely bright. In my system, the Mapleshade ribbons work better than either (cost less, too).
I would have to say AQ spk cable is far from bright in my estimation...if was bit dark...with a big, warm sound with good depth...perfect for bright systems...maybe a tad dull in the detail department...but very musical...I have yet to hear KIMBLE...
I bought a CAL CL-10 years ago and the dealer include a pair of Kimber Silver Streaks and a pair of Cardas 5c's to compare and I love them both for different music. I have a bunch of Audioquest cables but they are all usb or HDMI. It is all personal taste, I'm sure any good Audio Dealer will help you with a some different ones to try and you decide. I currently looking to upgrade my Sub-woofer cables and everyone agrees that KimberKable HERO'S XLR is best way to go regardless of price!!