Audioquest vs Clear Day Cables

Hi, does anybody have experience with:

1. Audioquest CV8, 48dbs, 8ft


2. Clear Day Double Shotgun, 8ft

If I am looking for sharp pinpoint imaging and soundstaging, which would be better?

All else being equal.

Monitor Audio PL100 speakers.
Rotel RA1570 amplifier.

Regarding the AQ's, I would PM Audioconnection (Johnny Rutan), he carries AQ and knows their characteristics. He might be able to give some insight on the Clear Day, too.
The Clear Day are very revealing, they are very good cable, they shine on dark sounding system.Audioquest have a very good tonal balance, I would guess the cv8 is less revealing.clearday shotgun do have good soundstage on my Paul he will accommodate you.vOnly way to know try both...