Audioquest Volcano vs Mont Blanc

I wonder if anyone has compared "OLD" Volcano and Mont Blanc speakercables ?

I want the one with best definition of voices and drumsounds!
I think that you should go with their new KE-4 silver cables. I have owned Volcano (non dbs) and have had the KE-4 on loan and they are MUCH superior to Volcanos in every way, save the ultimate bass slam. The purity of sound on KE-4 is just unbeliveable. I have ended buying Kilimanjaros, their more expensive silbing.
hsve tried both-the volcano (non dbs) and monte blanc(dbs)..

the monte blanc is a smooth(polite) but the volcano has explosive dynamics and more neutral (has a corperate sound)..

both are nice cables but a little uninvolving for my taste. i think you can do better for less.
I would have to agree with Mikesinger. i have always been biased toward Kimber. I feel its much better for the money.
I had the Mont Blanc and also found it uninvolving. Now I am using Synergistic Research Resolution Reference X2 and have no plans to change.
I used to own the Volcano (non DBS) and found it very dynamic and large sounding. Sometimes though, this was not a good thing when seriously listening. Anyway, in my opinion, there are much better cables in this price range. (Audience Au24, Cardas, XLO, and Kimber) Good luck..

Audioquest Mont Blanc
When used with Audioquest Sky that are both 72 DBS.
Are magic!
+2 another vote for the Volcano (w/ DBS) and Sky (XLR).
this is a sweet combination w/ very good dynamics and mico-details. Keep me posted & Happy Listening! time my favorite cables were Mont Blanc and Sky....until I heard the top of the line Wireworld stuff. To these ears they are perfect (until next year?)