Audioquest Volcano and Mont Blanc opinions

Please let me know your opinions about these two AQ speaker cables.
Anybody could compare them ?
As I saw both have the same constructions, but the Volcanos are biggest.
I will apreciate your opinions
I have volcano non DBS and like them very much. I upgraded from bedrock so it was a pretty substantial improvement. Excellent bass and clear and detailed mid range and high end. I have never heard mont blanc so I can not comment.

You should really try AQ KE-4 - their cheapest silver speaker cable. It bests Volcano in every possible way - save for the ultimate bas slam and extension - at 1/2 price.
im looking for 5 ft new vocalno , so do you known how much retail for 5 ft vocalno, thank you
volcano(non dbs) has better soundstage and slightly better bass extention than mont blanc ,but both very good cables
The Mont Blanc is really the bang for the buck choice for a copper cable. Volcano is a bigger monster. Whether it'll improve the sound is anybody's guess as we don't know anything about the OP's system.
had the volcano (non dbs) and monte blanc (dbs) in the system (marantz sacd, bat pre, classe cam monos, audio physic speakers)...

the audioquest cables are not "bad" sounding cables by no means, however they lack musicality that is found in cables 1/2 the price and uninvolving... definetely a corperate cable...

btw, the volcano (non dbs) was a little better than the monte blanc(dbs)imo..