AudioQuest Vodka vs Purist Audio Ethernet Cable

Just curious on everyone’s thoughts on the AudioQuest Vodka vs Purist Audio Ethernet cables ? I would gladly take considerations in the same price range. Thanks everyone. 


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Save your money. Any CAT cable that meets its specs will deliver those 1’s and 0’s perfectly! To believe otherwise is to be a science/engineering denier! Let the rock throwing begin!

2,233 out of your 2,433 total posts in here in less than two years of your existence are first time replies to cable all cable threads, saying the same exact thing. I wonder why. Some cable trauma in your early life?

What’s the recommendation with the Cardas clear Ethernet cable vs the two mentioned in the thread already ? I already have Cardas Cyngus cables. Everything would be the same brand that way. Thoughts ? 

Wondering the same thing about Cardas Clear Ethernet.  Use Cardas high speed usb which is an improvement over other usb cables I've tried, some similarly priced.