Audioquest upper end copper IC's sound ????


what is "general" or "house sound" sonic signature of the upper end audioquest copper and silver ic's.

thanks for your input !!!

Grain-ness should not be considered coming from cables. When cables sound grainy, it is because of magnetic, mechanical as well as electrical noise creeping up in the system. Actually, the more grainy a cable sounds, the better should that cable be, since it is more revelatory of the problems occuring in the system. 
Anaconda is from 2003. I never had those but use the current silver Wind. Very good cable. Neutral and clear. Detailed without being bright like a lot of silver cables. 
Nighthawk... I was thinking that we should discuss cables manufactured this decade. It would be easier to compare new and present cables between them. I’ve had Panther, Sky, Wild Blue Yonder and now the WEL IC’s. I doubt you can find too easily such value in other cables sometimes much more expensive than these.
For reference my system is this one:
Triangle Magellan Cello II < AudioQuest Everest < BAT VK-600SE < AudioQuest Hurricane High Current < AudioQuest NRG-1000 < AudioQuest WEL XLR < exaSound e22 DAC w Paul Hynes SR3-12 Power Supply < Squeezelite w Logitech Media Server < UpTone ISORegen w USPCB A>B < AudioQuest Diamond USB < MacMini w UpTone DC Conversion Kit, ZeroZone LPS & Samsung 860EVO 1TB SSD < Stillpoints Ultra SS, Omicron Harmonic Stabilizer, Gold Evolution SE & Classic < IsoTek Sigmas GII w Optimum EVO3 < Furutech FT-SWS < HiFi Tuning Supreme 3 < Solid Tech Hybrid

P.S. @Jeff: Stay away from Niagara/Wind (a tad dry) and watch out for counterfeits. Other than that, you won’t regret any AQ choice you make!
These are great replys but I’m afraid this 2004 post is a little dated to be addressed currently.  I’ll assume the OP has pursued some cable choices in the past 14 years and that this discussion should once again be allowed to quietly close.