Audioquest upper end copper IC's sound ????


what is "general" or "house sound" sonic signature of the upper end audioquest copper and silver ic's.

thanks for your input !!!

Anaconda - very forward and somewhat grainy. Strong bass, low resolution.

Python - more neutral than Anaconda, but overall just sort of dull.

You can do a lot better than AQ for the money. Try Audience, Acoustic Zen, Cardas, or Kimber. If you're considering upper end AQ, you can afford Kimber Select which will stomp all over the AQ.
I've never tried Kimber Selects, but I've heard Diamondx2, Diamondx3, and Lapisx3 (all silver, and all discontinued) and I wouldn't call then grainy or "low resolution"
(these, and the Anaconda mentioned above are silver cables)

I have, currently, Opalx3 (2nd from top of old copper ICs)
and Python (also discontinued, top of the line copper ICs).
DIfference is in the tubes used to insulate the wires.

Sound is open, clean, clear, and perhaps a little laid back.
I've used with solid state, tubes, analog, and digital, and my impression is the same.

ALso heard Diamondback and Topazx3, which, for the $$ are also good stuff, but further down the line.

The only AQ cable that I have tried but didn't like was Lapis, which was a little bright, and "atypical" of the Audioquest House Sound.

TO address your question head on, I'd say that it is a musical sound, favoring natural presentation over etched details. As I said, a little laid back (sometimes very welcome) but not much. Not the least bit "grainy" sounding, easy on the ears, and I've preferred it, dollar for dollar against TARA, Kimber (never tried the Selects,)and Cardas (Golden Reference nice, but too tubby in the bass- but incredible presence).

so, perhaps reasonable minds can differ.
I am in strong agreement with Gthirteen. The Anaconda ICs and Volcano DBS are currently in my system, and are very clear, tranparent, neutral and revealing. I have also auditioned the Cheetah IC DBS and it is even a bit more open than the Anaconda. These wires are a great match with the ARC high definition gear.

PS, the DBS really works as the wires are always ready to go without any additional breakin.
Joe(Gthirteen), where the HELL have you been???

It is such a wonderful surprise to see you post again!
GThirteen and Zargon, I'm happy AQ works for you. My comments come from results in testing approximately 3 dozen different ICs in my system from many different manufacturers. So, when I said Anaconda was low resolution and grainy, in was in comparison to others of similar pricing. This is the sort of thing where you don't notice the problem until you hear something a lot better. If you want to hear what grainless sounds like try Kimber Select KS1030 or KS1130, Luminous Audio Synchestra Signature, Purist Venustas, Audience AU24, AZ Silver Ref II, Shunyata Aries, or Nirvana S-X. To me, grain sounds like a very low level distortion. Good resolution allows you to hear low level details and produces a deep soundstage. Note that grain and resolution is independent of tonality. An IC with good tonality, but not the best resolution, may actually sound better in a system than a brighter, but higher resolution IC. It's all about system synergy.

My point about AQ is, at a given price point, is it pretty easy to find a cable from another manufacturer that outperforms the AQ, often quite substantially.

For reference, my system is Meridian G08>KS1130>Rowland Synergy IIi>Cardas Neutral Ref>Rowland Model 10>Kimber Bifocal XL>Soliloquy 6.5.