Audioquest Type 4 braided cable and in-wall Type 4

Except for the braided shield and factory terminated connectors that come standard with the factory terminated Audioquest Type 4 cable, is the in-wall Audioquest Type 4+ speaker cable the same as the braided cable? And should they sound the same once you take into consideration the connectors. Thanks
According to Audioquest engineers the sonic qualities of Type 4 speaker cable should be identical whether or not it has the braided or the plain blue PVC type cover. Only advantage to the braided jacket is the increased flexibility for connecting and a neater over-all appearance if outside of a wall installation such as for monitors on stands. I have heard both types of jacketed Type 4 and they are identical in sound. It's the configuration of copper wire inside the cover that makes Type 4 unique and all Type 4 should use the same design. But then there's the issue of terminations...