Audioquest Type 4+ -- BiWire cable ??

I have two sources telling me two different things about how they use the Audioquest Type 4+ cable (two 17 gauge and two 20 gauge conductors). One claims that it is a biwire cable (skinny pair for the highs and fat for the lows), while the other says it is intended to be used as a non-biwire (one skinny and one fat to each terminal) and that you need to run two such cables to properly use it in a biwire application.

Which is correct or how are you currently using it?

Also, I was considering it for a biwire application to a 4 ohm speaker using a 100W amp. Anyone know if it can handle these levels??

Thanks in advance,
Yes,Chris what they are telling you is the straight line,
They work excellent in both setups and are a steal for the
price.I used them bi-wired from a W-5 to 1.6 Maggies with
no current shortage.Pete
Chris - I tried bi-wiring my center channel with it which was a very short run, about 5 feet but I used 2 cables and then splitting up the conductors. The mains are single runs and it did an adequate job @ 8' each. IMHO, I think its too small a gauge to bi-wire with for any long distance, say 8' or more if you were to use just a single cable per side. If you are hell bent on bi-wiring then run 2 cables per side because 1. the distance warrants it and 2. since you are running 100 watts into a 4 ohm speaker. If you are not one to believe that bi-wiring provides benefits and while I think the AQ 4+ is a good entry level cable you could be better served by purchasing a higher quality cable in single wire version. Buying used here might net you a better bang for the buck then buying brand new AQ4+ - if thats what your intention is.