Audioquest Thunder and Tornado HC Power Cords

I purchased one Thunder HC and one Tornado HC power cords. I also purchased one Monsoon and Blizzard for my front-end gear consist of an SACD player ( Marantz SA-10) and preamp ( Luxman C800F). My amp is a McIntosh MC-402 at 400 watts. I also use a PS Audio Regenorator P-12 for the front-end gear only.

I use the Monsoon of the Marantz, and Blizzard on the preamp, and for now, the Thunder powering the PS Audio P-12, and the Tornado on the McIntosh Amp. My question for those who may have used the HC Thunder and Tornados would I be better off using the Tornado on the Regenerator and the Thunder on the amp. I do plan to replace the Monsoon with a Blizzard shorty so the whole front end is using the same level of cables. I know in the past they said to start with the best in the front end and the last need for a good cable is the amp. So I have a choice here on how to best use the Tornado and the Thunder.

I will say with 24 hours on the Tornado and Thunder in the system, all that been said is true, they truly take your system to another level, as much as a component change, not sure which one is making such a positive impact.

Any users with the advice I love to hear it.
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What are you using to connect the P12 to the wall?
You might PM Audiogon member ctsooner, he has lots of experience with AQ cables.
I had the thunder and tornado HC, I moved them around a bit between my amp and AQ Niagara 3000 pc, I thought they were very similar, I ended up moving to two Hurricanes,  which was much  better for both...I only moved because I got a deal on the hurricanes.....but I could have easily lived with the previous tornado and thunder. But to be honest, I just didn’t notice a difference, maybe there was, I just was not sure.....

I will stay tuned here to continue reading about which cord ends up on the SA-10 Reference player? Have fun!

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Your ears do not deceive- there is a subtle difference between Hurricane and Tornado power cords. I have heard both on the Niagara 7000.

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